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In 2017 the engineering office Schaumburg was responsible for the restoration of a swimming pool in Burbach, Germany. While restoring the pool, the engineering office also plant and built a new PV-construction. That’s were Wagner Solar comes into the play, we provided our TRIC Flex four greenfield mounting system, which is made of high quality aluminum and stainless steel connection components. The setup of this mounting system is really easy and safes you a lot of labor costs.

For the rest of the construction they used 56 Neon2 320 watt high performance modules from LG and SMA STP 20.000 TL-30 inverter.

The engineering office started planning at the beginning of the 2017 and as planed the construction was ready to run at the beginning of August 2017 with the help of our regional Partner HBGE

The engineering office does not has exact numbers yet, but they expect that the power consumption will shrink from over 100.000kWh down to 50.000kWh.


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