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System costs down, revenues up with TRIC flex four

The premium grade aluminum and stainless steel greenfield mounting system reduces your project costs on many levels: material, transportation and labor time. It is exceptionally versatile - also on difficult terrain.

web tric flex four sued
South variant
web tric flex four ostwest
East-west variant
  • High grade materials
    Thanks to salt-water proof aluminum and stainless steel connection components ,TRIC flex is extraordinarily corrosion resistant.
  • Fast and simple setup
    In comparison to common systems, TRIC flex four allows you to save up to 50% installation time, saving considerable labor costs - in part due to our patented module fastener TRIC clip
  • Low transportation costs
    In particular for international projects, transportation costs are a decisive factor. Transporting the material and weight optimized aluminum system is roughly 30% cheaper than a comparable steel system.
  • Flexible adjustment
    Whether as South or East-West variant: with its module angle between 0 and 45° and terrain slopes up 20° TRIC flex four is the perfect system even for difficult terrains.
  • Economic system costs
    TRIC flex four is the mounting systems of choice for economic greenfield projects - not only because its affordable, but also because it reduces planning, transportation, installation and follow up maintenance costs.

web bild tric flex four

Mounting system TRIC flex four – ideal for rough terrain

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