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March 2018 Wagner Renewables Ltd. based in south England West Sussex realized a project with the local based company Sun Tech Seychelles on the resort island Denis Island.

Wagner Solar provided the mounting system TRIC Flex four east-west, which was chosen because it is made out of sea water resistant aluminum and there are no special tools needed for the assembling. Furthermore it has other special qualities that were needed for that territory, such as it being highly stable, even in terms of cyclones. Another point is that the module-edge starts a meter above the ground because of the giant tortoises living on Denis Island. That makes it possible that those animals are able to still live there in peace and there is no chance for them to get hurt.

The 352 high in quality and efficient LG295 MonoX modules with 104 kWp of power will reduce the use of diesel generators and are also very helpful in reducing the CO2 emission on Denis Island. This means that we will safe approximately 38.000 liters of diesel per year and the CO2 emissions are going to be reduced by 90 tons. To make the most out the solar power, the modules were assembled in east/west direction onto the TRIC Flex four mounting system.

Plant data

  • TRIC Flex four mounting system
  • LG295W MonoX solar module
  • 100 kWp power output

Planning and implementation: Wagner Renewables -
Sun Tech Seychelles -

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