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In Mauritius, the local company Reneworld Ltd Ltd is currently installing 1,000 small PV systems on a range of different buildings. The solar generators are distributed across the islands and supported by the Home Solar Project, a dedicated seed program of the Mauritius government. In most cases the panels are installed on concrete or corrugated sheet metal roofs.

Since tropical cyclones cause extreme wind speeds in the region, Wagner Solar developed a special version of the TRIC F mounting system to cope with the resulting wind load. The project also required a theft protection concept and high corrosion resistance to withstand tropical maritime conditions.

Plant data

  • 1,000 systems with 1 kWp each (4 polycrystalline modules)
  • Mounting system TRIC F and TR fix
  • Special structural design and anti-theft concept

Planning and implementation:

Reneworld Ltd - Phoenix – Solferino, Mauritius

Information about the project:

Your installer will be happy to advise you on which product is best suited to your application.