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Use your surplus solar power for domestic hot water preparation - innovative, efficient and sustainable.

It's quite simple: the water in the existing hot water tank is heated with electricity from your solar system using a heating rod. Needless to say, this is optimized and adapted to the energy flows of your solar power system and your household. This ensures that excess solar power is efficiently utilized and the fraction oof internal consumption is significantly increased. We offer solutions from various manufacturers that can be combined with new or existing solar power systems and which can also be integrated into smart home concepts.

Your advantages

  • Use solar power in the household
  • Increase in-house consumption
  • Reduce energy costs


Hot water with system

The my-PV system uses solar power to heat up domestic hot water or buffer storage tanks and thus optimizes energy consumption in the household using screw-in heating elements with stepless adjustment and intelligent control.



EGO Smart Heater

Surplus PV power is used to heat domestic hot water or combined storage tanks. This increases the degree of autonomy, especially in summer an the transitional seasons. During this time, it is often possible to completely do without fossil energy sources for conventional hot water heating.




With the Fronius Ohmpilot, self-generated solar power is used for domestic hot water heating, thereby significantly increasing your proportion of in-house power consumption. As soon as your solar power system generates more solar power than your household currently consumes, the Fronius Ohmpilot directs the available surplus to a heating element, towel dryer or other resistive load of your choice.



Smart Energy Hot Water Controller

Maximization of internal power consumption by storing excess solar power as hot water. Seamless integration with all SolarEdge inverters and the monitoring platform.

Smart Energy Controller

Our competent partner installers and planners will be pleased to advise you which product is best suited for your application. You don't have a Wagner Solar specialist available to you yet? Talk to us!

Your installer will be happy to advise you on which product is best suited to your application.