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Safe and reliable grid connection with intelligent inverters

The inverter is an essential building block of your solar power system.
It ensures the efficient conversion of DC power generated by your solar modules to grid-synchronized AC power.
You can then utilize the electricity yourself or feed it into the public grid.

Your advantages:

  • World-class manufacturers
  • Precise fine-tuning to various solar installations and types
  • Maximized yields
  • Fail-safe grid integration
  • Long-life durability
2012 09 20 SW 05 SMA Sunny Tripower TL 20 SolarEdge single phase inverter cmyk Kostal PIKO MP Solax hybrid Fronius Symo

Our competent partner installers and planners will be pleased to advise you which inverter is best suited for your application.
You don't have a Wagner Solar specialist available to you yet? Talk to us!

Your installer will be happy to advise you on which product is best suited to your application.

Dear interested customers,
Up to this point, we have always tried to find you a suitable specialist company in your area. Due to the current high demand, many of our specialist companies have hardly any free capacity. Therefore, a mediation on the part of Wagner Solar can not take place at the moment. We ask for your understanding.

Your Wagner Solar Team