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Combined utilization of heat and electricity.

The SOLINK PVT collector makes it possible to use highly efficient brine heat pumps without excavation work or noise emissions.

SOLINK was developed especially for heat pumps and combines the high efficiency of geothermal heat pumps with the advantages of air heat pumps. Flexible use on roofs or facades makes the collector an attractive energy source for electricity and heat. Due to the high efficiency resulting from the double use of the roof surface, coupling with geothermal probes or underground storage tanks is not necessary. This creates systems with a completely renewable energy supply and low operating costs.

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Silent operation

SOLINK does not require the usual fans or an outdoor unit.

Highest efficiency without geothermal probes

With SOLINK, the installation of geothermal probes or ground heat exchangers is not necessary, which increases the economic efficiency of the system.

  • Solar collector and solar module in one, especially designed for heat pumps
  • Solar module (2 m²) with special air heat exchanger (20 m² surface) on backside
  • High power production and simultaneous utilization of the module waste heat, approx. 7% higher output yield
  • Solar module with positive output tolerance
  • For horizontal installation, up to 7 collectors
  • For detached houses, apartment buildings, office and commercial buildings, municipal facilities, swimming pools, low temperature district heating networks


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