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Domestic water hygiene for residential buildings

The SOLARfresh freshwater system combines the flexibility of using large solar storage tanks and the need for a high degree of water hygiene in multi-family homes, sports facilities and commercial premises, without compromising supply reliability or comfort.

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Your benefits:

  • DHW hygiene by means of freshwater system for apartment buildings (up to 100 residential units) and sports facilities, with tap rates up to 160 l/min.
  • Space-saving and highly suitable for new installations
  • 100 % water hygiene (according to DVGW 551)
  • RATIOfresh return-flow switchover for systems with high circulation volume flows
  • System extensions to also support space heating
  • Optimal scalability owing to modular design (storage, tap capacity)

Technical Data

SOLARfresh-System with RATIOfresh up to 80l/min with 2x RATIOfresh 800 cascade up to 160 l/min
Hot water consumption
(l/d at 60°C)
2.000 3.000 4.000 5.000 6.000 7.000

Collectorarea,gross (m²)
2 m² for 100 l hot waterr

40  60  80  100  120 160
Buffer tank volume [l] 3.000  4.000  6.000  7.000  8.000 11.000
Collector EURO l20 MQ x x (x)      
Collector SOLARroof     x x x x


Your installer will be happy to advise you on which product is best suited to your application.